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Mission Work

Jimmy Young-Germany & Romania


Wil Sadler Military Ministries


Tim Wilkes-Open Door Ministries


Adam Evans-Tanzania
Adam Evans is currently attending the M.S.O.P. missions 1 year program.
After completion he is planning to work in Tanzania for an initial period of three and a half years.
There are approximately two million souls to be reached in that area.
They are currently raising additional support to begin a regular radio program.
Anyone that would like to support this effort may do so by sending funds to the sponsoring congregation at:

West End church of Christ
3815 Old Hwy. 94 South, St. Peters, MO 63304
Phone: (636) 498-4600


Mission Printing In Arlington, TX
Founded by Guy & Jessie Lee Caskey. Funded by churches, individuals and organizations. View tracts and literature at: Ship ocean containers or tracts and literature to: Mailed to: Mission printing sends out over 2 million tracts per year. Richad Renfro returned from a recent trip to West Africa. He also went to Liberia and Ghana and had to cancel Togo because of being sick with Hepatitis and low Potassium. He is still going to the  doctor, but is almost well. Richard is one of the elders at the Belt Line Rd. church of Christ in Irving, TX. He is a voluneer and Vice-President/Coordinator of Mission Printing. George and Joy Jensen left Tanzania, East Africa and went to work with the Hawesville congregation in June of 2012. Both of them grew up in California, and George graduated from the East Tennessee School of Preaching and Missions in February of 1998. We will receive a bimonthly report for January/February shortly. Located in Edmund, OK, In Search Of The Lord's Way is broadcast in 210 U.S. markets and 45 other countries. It is broadcast on television, cable, CW Plus, satellite, radio and internet streaming. It reaches more than million households on the North American continent alone. Audio CD's and printed copies of their message also number in the millions and are distributed regularly. Gary and others take a trip each year, and every other year hand out medical supplies, host a VBS and Gospel Meeting at the Hope Children's Home. People in the area seem to be receptive to the gospel. There are currently 80 congregations. Scott Nedland is the preacher. He is a graduate of the Southwest School of Bible Studies in Austin, TX. The Nettleton congregation has participated in 2 door knocking campaigns (2007 & 2013) where over 10,000 contacts were made. 25 bible studies, and 130 correspondence courses were conducted. Current works at the Rice Lake congregation are: Bible studies with 10 people at 3 locations, 4 individuals baptized last year, send out 1500 House to House Heart to Heart tracts 6 times per year, give out holiday dinners to those in need (125 this year) along with tracts, 2 gospel meetings each year,1 bible bowl, conduct a "How to conduct a home bible study" training each year, help the Hayward church of Christ with worship and work, now have 40 members.
Ghana, Nigeria, South Africa & The Phillipines
USA, Australia, Guarn, China, Vietnam, India, England, Ireland, Belgium, Brazil, Jamaica, Guyana,
Botswana, Kenya, Zumbabwe, Cameroon, Liberia, Tanzania, Namibia, Malawi, Uganda, Zambia & Togo.



In Search Of The Lord's Way

Guayana, South America

                                                                               Rice Lake, Wisconsin



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